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Default Does flying other things affect your flying ability on your 230S?

I have found that it certainly does.

If I fly on the sim, prior to really flying my 230S, I have found that it helps greatly, especially if I haven't flown anything in a while. When I fire up the 230S after flying the sim, I find that I am already "in the groove", and don't have to spend the first minute or so getting there.

I got a quad copter for Christmas, from my daughters. I had no interest in one, and didn't ask for it, but I really enjoy it. It is simply fun. Especially at night, with little or no ambient light, and just seeing the lights on the drone. But I have found that flying the drone first really screws up my abilities on the 230S. Probably because the drone practically flies itself, and only needs to be told in which direction to go. Today, I did such, and immediately upon lifting off the 230S, I was most certainly not "in the groove". I was having to consciously think about everything, and kept finding my mind wandering, like it can do when flying a drone, without mishap. But you cannot do that with a helicopter. You have to stay 100% focused, all the time, or bad things happen.

Since I like the drone so much, I will keep flying it. But I suppose I will have to not combine flying it and my 230S on the same day. Or at least wait a few hours.

Also, I have found that flying fixed wing r/c airplanes has somewhat of an effect, but not nearly as pronounced and negative as the effect of the drone. Because the actions and controls are different enough as to not confuse my easily-confused brain. I can bounce back and forth between airplanes and my 230S all day, with no ill effect. But I can't do that with a drone. Because the actions and controls are so similar, yet the electronics do most of the flying on the drone.
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It doesn't really affect me like before when I was learning. Of course I don't do much 3D. I fly everything from 800's to 100's. The toughest thing was going from stability mode to 3G mode. I don't want to go down that re-learning path again.

I don't fly quads hardly ever even though I have a few except for the little Inductrix ones.
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Does flying anything other than a collective pitch helicopter affect my CP heli skills? Absolutely! I would love to fly airplanes as well as my helicopters but I can tell just from flying airplanes in the sim it screws me up. So I don't do it (fly sim airplanes) except very rarely; like every few years just to prove to myself, again, I can't do one then the other. I've never flown a RC airplane, only the sim. I'd love to have a 90mm F18 Blue Angles Hornet!

And I have a Blade Inductrix FPV quad that I love to fly around our house but I avoid doing that very much for fear it will affect my CP heli instincts that I've worked so hard to develop; such as they are.

Some people, kids mostly I'm thinking, are just naturals and can do anything. I'm not one of those people. Wish I could be. Last year at a fly in there was a pilot, Patrick; young guy; who was an absolute crack shot pilot with the CP heli's big and small. Then he pulled out this fast quad and did the most amazing demonstration with it flying line of sight. Just amazing!

An interesting note; the first RC heli I had was a 2 channel Air Hog from Toys r us. UP DOWN was the right stick. Yaw LEFT RIGHT was the left stick. No gyro. Boy did that screw me up when I finally got a real mode 2 RC helicopter!

I should also note while I don't have a 230S (this is the 230S forum) I've got a hanger full of Blade helicopters including a 130X, the first CP helicopter I was very good at flying. Got a mCPX BL2 for Christmas too. Flies great around the house for winter fun.
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I can't fly drones or airplanes without trying to use negative pitch when doings rolls or flips.

Spending time, Paying attention
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I find i sim everyday or i get rusty (but I'm knew). Dont really have anything else to fly so don't know if that causes a problem as well.
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I fly helis (small and large), airplanes, and gliders (competitively). For me stick time is the most important thing.
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I have a Traxxas quad that I love to fly. I keep it in "fast" mode, which is actually the same as the stability mode in the 230s. I only fly my 230s now though in 3d modes (non-stability). I've become accustomed to both separately, and transferring between the two on the same day is mildly awkward, but not really a big difference.

I just maidened my first RC plane (a kit I built) two days ago, a 940mm wingspan, in the courtyard of my apartment, after dark with mild floodlights on the buildings. It does not have landing gear, so I had to throw it for takeoff, and slow landing into the grass. Needless to say, with a 3s battery installed (one of the 230s batteries), it took off WAY faster than I expected. Before I could blink I was already at the building on the opposite side. Luckily I trimmed it nearly perfectly on the bench and it flew straight and true. I had no idea how sensitive the controls were though, because I had never flown it before. To avoid crashing the building, I banked and yanked, flew between the tree and the building, came straight back at myself, flew a couple tight cirlces around the yard, and set it down almost perfectly at my fee. I couldn't believe I pulled that off so perfectly haha. Apparently my heli skills were quite useful in flying the plane. I basically just set my mind before takeoff to believe it was similar to a heli stuck at higher throttle and high-ish collective.

I also have the Nano CPS and a Trex 470LT. Both of those are a bit harder to fly than the 230s. So after some time on either of those, I can go straight to the 230s and you'd think I was a pro by how natural I am at some crazy stuff with the 230s
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I have been working with the SIM to learn to fly the 230s in the four orientations. (upright forward and backwards and inverted forwards and backwards). I can now do it in the SIM reasonably well but not quite in real life. I find this really screws my pitch orientation and even in upright forward flight I tend to nose down instead of pull up. Now I don't fly the SIM and immediately go out and fly real life. I leave it about 24 hours and then I don't tend to suffer with brain fade. I don't have any difficulty with fixed wing and rotary wing but I learned to fly fixed wing many years ago.
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Phaedrus....I feel like I know you....helis, airplanes, and gliders....hmmm
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Old 01-15-2020, 02:44 PM   #10 (permalink)
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No, actually the opposite. My flying has improved on everything else, especially rudder coordination on my fixed wings. I was worried about that at one point too but it hasn't been a problem. I fly everything from FPV wing/quads, gliders, all sorts of other fixed wing and must have put at least 15 hours air time on my 230S's last year.
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Haven't noticed any differences. Seem to do airplanes & heli's without one affecting the other. Bear in mind though most of my flights are relatively slow and simple. Nothing fancy.
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