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Post x-cell 60 xl-pro blade size?


I have a question i have seem to find nothing while searching the site. I have an x-cell 60 with a o.s 61 and a 93 tooth main and a 10 tooth pinion i was wondering what size and brand of blades to get i was thinking of v-blades and radix 690's just dont know wich one would be my best choice. Looking for crisp response and good auto capabilities. Any help would be greatly apriciated. Thanks in advance Gabe.
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I am running Radix 690s on my old xcell bent frame - upgraded them earlier this month from some 12 year old NHP blades. I also replaced the bearing in my engine - heli is much happier now! At the same time I switched to 3d paddles. Radix blades certainly improved cyclic response. The old blades the heli was a super stable pig with a slow roll and loop rate. It rocks now. But is still super stable - rock solid in hover and inverted - hovers both ways hands off (virtually) but now has lots more snap in the cyclic. I am running 10 tooth and 90 classic 9 to one. Head bogs a bit at full cyclic but it's not too bad.
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blade size, blade type

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