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600 Class Electric Helicopters 600 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Question KB blades on a 600?

I have them on my 450 and they are really all I have known since I got them when I was so new to "real" helis (I flew counter rotators only for what seems like forever).
And curiosity got the best of me so I ordered a yellow set. I have one flight on them and I didn't like the change. I should have landed and turned the gain down, but I didn't, so I might give them another try. The tail did a super tight high speed wag every once in a while and made some obnoxious noise in a few moves. I actually thought it was broke for an instant on a failed funnel that got a bit wiggy.
Just curious if it is worth it to fly them again. What are your experiences?
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I flew them for quit some time, I think I was able to turn the gain up with them maybe 3 or so points, once I upgraded to a sonix tail I went with the Align white CF's.
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I love them on my 450, I hate them on my 600. I went back to the original align CF3K and haven't looked back.
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Al Miessner
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Originally Posted by Grimmer04 View Post
I love them on my 450, I hate them on my 600. I went back to the original align CF3K and haven't looked back.
I second that, good for 450 and up to 500. 600 hhmmmm not that so good
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I have been flying them since they were beta blades.. They do work well and yes I have to agree they make a little different noise than CF's or stockers but no worry it is not a problem.. The reason most have to reduce thier gain is as you probably noticed they are much more efficient airfoil. Another thing because they are more efficient you may not be able to just drop them on. You may have to retune your tail for neutral. Believe it or not it does help quite a bit no matter what tail blade you fly.

I fly both the 85mm originals and the new 92mm version they both have the same airfoil but some folks were requesting 92mm lengths. I personally prefer the 85mm because I fly from grass and really hate cleaning them off They perform as good as the Align CF's that came with it and are a fraction of the cost and dont shatter with a slight touch on the ground.

I havent ever had them break loose in a hurricane, wall, stick banging tic tocs, funnels, or a massive tail slide. I have experimented with 401, 601/611, and the new Spartan gyro. The blades have performed flawlessly and as expected for all my helis. I fly them on the new Atom(still testing), all of my 600's Both electric and Nitro, and my 90 sized airframes as well (soon to be on an ODIN). I am by no means as awesome a pilot as any of the pros but I am the average joe who does dumb thumb, stick bang stop to stop, and thinks that railing the throttle to the limit makes em go faster.. I can do quite a few of the maneuvers and hold my own in the air.

Just remember to set your tail first a fairly good thing to do, Set your gain properly as with all things you change you can expect a different result I mean you are looking for an improvement not for it to remain the same with the same settings. They are tough as nails and can put up with a good beating. If one of my tail slides dont break loose I am sure most any wont. and lastly but as important an orange and yellow set look absolutely awesome in that photo someone just took while spun up to almost or over 10k rpm.

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