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i installed my servos next. i did not use the rubber gromments to mount them. i put the left frame half on and got my servos all moving in the same direction. i took the left frame back off and installed the motor, with pinion to it's mount, and screwed it in to the frame. i assembled the main shaft, main gear, with the one way bearing and hub, and the bearing blocks. i also installed the anti rotation bracket. the elevator linkage was next. this was kind of tricky, but it only goes in one way. the bearings for it are inserted from the inside of the frame. the flanged ends face towards the mainshaft. a small amount of filing was required to get them seated. it will be loose until the left frame half is installed. there were no instructions showing how to do this, but enough pictures to figure it out. then install the servos in the left frame half. i also installed the frame supports next. i didn't locktite anything but the elevator linkage brackets. then you can install the boom block halves. do not tighten the bolts for the boom block, or the frame support below the boom. i will locktite everything later.
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